Computer and Technology Professionals are working with us for a number of good reasons:

  • They are feeling some job instability with their current company for any number of reasons.
  • They may feel their current working environment needs much improvement.
  • Their technical preferences may differ from what they are now doing.
  • Sometimes their compensation plan isn’t appropriate.

Whatever the reason, or combination of reasons, they have decided to evaluate a job change or even a career change.

Our Candidates want to look forward to going to work in the morning, they want to feel satisfied when they go home in the evening, feel like what they did all day made a difference somehow, and that they were fairly compensated for their efforts.

Our Candidates like to work with us because of our reputation for Honesty, Integrity, and Ethics.

Our Candidates like to work with us because of our technical knowledge.  We understand their technical discipline, and can discuss our Client’s position on a technical level.

We also help our Candidates with their resume format and content, so they are more responsive to the preferences of our Clients.

We also help our Candidates prepare for the Interview Process through our extensive experience in working closely with our Clients.

Welcome to Balionis Group!

We have an excellent reputation for matching good Candidates with good Clients. Contact us to discuss how we can help you. Paul Balionis

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Consulting Categories

  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Automation
  • Design
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Embedded Controls Engineer
  • Human Factors
  • Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Sales / Marketing
  • Software Engineering
  • Supply Chain
  • Technical Coordinators
  • Technical Writers
  • Technicians
  • Testing / QA